78 - Finding the Space for Growth with Jim Bono (Patreon Convos part 2)

I sit down for Part 2 of our Patron conversations. Jim and I discuss so much here. Cultural bias, the future of the church and faith. How can we make room for others and a willingness to let go of certainty.

Guest Bio:

Jim is Recently retired from 40 years in healthcare and university administration, Jim now devotes his time to challenging his local church, gardening, genealogy and pottery. About a decade ago, Jim’s focus changed from orthodoxy (belief) to orthopraxy (practice). He is interested in spiritual approaches and activities that transform lives and communities. He and Virginia live in a suburb of Chicago.


Music for this week is by Dave Pettigrew. Find more of him at davepettigrew.net. Find more about Holt International.

Tracks include: There is Hope (Hope is Still Alive), Fire and Gasoline, Love is Here

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