27 - "A Flexible Faith" with Bonnie Kristian

Guest: Bonnie Kristian

Every denomination has a tentpole issue that matters more than others, and so do most Christians. Do we really know all our options though? I know I didn't and I'm better for looking at the 'whole menu'. Bonnie has written a fantastic book on just this thought. The differences in the beliefs of some of the pillars of our faith.


Bonnie Kristian is a theological and political writer with a national following. She is the weekend editor at The Week and a foreign policy fellow at Defense Priorities, and her work has appeared at Time Magazine, CNN, Politico, USA Today, Relevant Magazine, The Hill, and The American Conservative, among other outlets.

Connect with Bonnie on twitter @BonnieKristian and online at http://bonniekristian.com/

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Tracks include: Come to Me, O God Do Not Be Silent (Psalm 83), The Goodness of the Lord

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