16 - Easter and the Resurrection with Alexander John Shaia

Transcript for this episode:

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Guest: Alexander Shaia

There is no greater moment in our faith, arguably in the world, than the resurrection of Jesus. In a moment in time the world swapped its axis and forever changed. So too has our knowledge of the beautiful history surrounding our celebration with our brothers and sisters in the faith in Easter. How should we posture our hearts, daily, in reflection upon a magnificent moment in time. 

Alexander was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. Studied at Notre Dame and then went on the same quest we all do to navigate our life and our faith together and the result is disarmingly beautiful. Please go and get his latest book Heart and Mind (Second Edition) you will be pleased that you did. Sit back, take some notes and lets talk about Jesus!

Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation:  Amazon

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Tracks include: Blessed, But God, and As One from the album Ephesians.

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