04 - Unarmed Empire with Sean Palmer

Transcript for this episode:

This episode features Sean Palmer with a discussion of how we can, as a church body, move forward in today's climate. How it's so important to lean towards each other and protect and serve the communities that we are a part of every day.

A bit about Sean...he is currently the Teaching Pastor at Ecclesia church in Houston, TX. In 2013 Sean was profiled in the Christian Standard Magazine's "40 Leaders Under 40". He is also a contributing writer for The Voice Bible Project, author of "Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption From Unlikely Women". His writing has also been featured on Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed, Sojourners, Fox News, and Christianity today's Out of Ur. He's also the Co-Host of the Not So Black and White podcast with John Alan turner, which is well worth your listen!

In his new book, Unarmed Empire, Sean reclaims the New Testament's vision of the church as an alternative community of welcome, harmony, and peace. Unarmed Empire is for everyone who's been misled about church. It's for everyone who feels blacklisted by believers, everyone who has been hurt. It's for everyone longing for a purer experience of church.


Music again has been provided by Heath McNease