In the fall of 2017 an idea was born but it had been growing for so much longer than that, and that idea was the Can I Say This At Church Podcast. Here's the story:

A group of friends (mostly from College) gathered, talked, argued, and debated everything from politics to Jesus and why the Patriots ALWAYS get the call! I realized soon (thanks social media!) that we were not a minority and so many others were having these same conversations; or not having them and just leaving the Church altogether.

And so, after roughly ten years of deconstructing, reconstructing, rinse- wash-repeat. Something resembling a new faith and a new passion for Jesus emerged; and this pocast is the outpouring of that. Each week a new episode will go live with a guest; or to frame it better, someone that can hopefully help give us new ideas and thoughts to chew on as we grow and stretch our faith.

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